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The Iga Ryü is a historical school of ninjutsu. It became one of the two most well-known ninja schools in Japan. 
Along with the Koga-Ryu . The Iga Ryu originated in the Iga province in the area around the towns of Iga and Ueno.

Iga-Mono is a synonym for Iga Ninja. 

The Iga-Ryü were known the work together with one of the greatest Samurai of all times ; "Hattori Hanzo".
The Ninja of the Iga-Ryu were devided in 3 Classes ;  "High Ninja " (Jonin) ,  "Middle Ninja" (Chunin)  and "Low Ninja" (Genin)

Iga ninja were trained in disguise, escape, concealment, explosives, medicines, poisons, unarmed combat, and a multitude of weaponry. They used scaling hooks for climbing and supposedly employed special water walking shoes called Mizugumo which you can find and observe in the Iga Ryu Museum in Japan. 

Most Anime Ninja are portraited as Iga Ninja.
Even the famous Naruto Anime.

In our Clan we expect Respect , Loyalty and Activity.
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