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Welcome to Iga Ryu
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15th Sep 2014

Introduce yourselves here.

I shall start with myself.

I am Sayeli,
13 December 1990 
From Japan & Belgium

I am a NEET.
I find it important for my members to fullfill their role as loyal dutyful gamers.
I hate to talk about the outside world. 

This forum's purpose is to organise our clan better ,
Gather information and share nformation more simple.
Show our event schedules,  our laws and make it more simple to communicate in every way. 

For those interested to know.
My real life job might sometimes obstruct me from logging in on the week.
I am an international model known by the name Sairu and i train new models.

I travel a lot to Belgium and to Japan up and down which can cause
me to be offline for 12 Hours every 3 Months.

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Forum » Forums » General Discussion
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